About Us


Munawar Enterprises is an international trading Company, and our expertise are export and import management turned to all companies that want to keep focus on their core business but require agility, commitment and competence to receive or send their merchandise as soon as possible and at low cost.

International Commercial Representation and Consulting are part of our services, and we always seek to reduce time decisions and get success in finding the best solution for your business.Our primary focus is to help oue client companies to achieve international success.

Our Strategy


In its effort to achieve customer satisfaction Munawar Enterprises has established a growing number of strategic partnership, or distributor-ships with selected products, services proiders in USA and Europe.Munawar Enterprises is also establishing a growing number of Domestic, National, and Regional partnerships or alliances to increase its market reach in today’s marketplace.

Our Strength


Our strength lies in the technical competence, professional expertise and the experince of our people and our associates.
Munawar Enterprises is also capitalizing on its long established presence in the region to create new opportunities in the arena.
With the key people on board, Munawar Enterprises is capitalizing on solid grounds to make the difference.With 20 years average indvidual experience/presence in the marketplace, our people are in a unique position to help our clients identify true business needs and the best optimal solution for these needs.